Casa Blanca at Los Chonchos Beach
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Kick back and relax while visiting the natural world of

Casa Blanca on Los Chonchos Beach

Because of the absence of large numbers of human inhabitants, the area around our palapa is full of native species of plants and animals.  The thick jungle includes exotic fruit and hardwood trees which provide homes for an array of colorful and exotic birds and nearby ranches support additional varieties of animals such as coyotes and armadillos.

Heading out into the bay from the land, we discover all manner of sea life including game fish, dolphins, and sea turtles.  Two ocean dwellers that are especially spectacular when they visit the area are the humpback whales that stay from November through March to give birth to their young and enjoy the warm waters, and manta rays which amaze visitors with their acrobatics in the spring and summer.

As delightful as the local flora and fauna are, there are a few precautions to take when visiting our area.  Insects are not a large problem, but can be a nuisance.  It is always wise to bring insect repellent for both the jungle hikes and to combat sand fleas in harbor areas where boats are boarded to Los Chonchos beach.